At Quizcraft Global, we believe that “knowledge is power”. We create programmes

for students, corporates, embassies, institutions, the differently abled, and the

underprivileged. We work on all aspects of the project—from concept, outreach

design, execution to conduction—to ensure benefits for all.


Adittya Nath Mubayi

Co-Founder & Quizmaster

Adittya is a highly respected knowledge professional and quizmaster. He has conducted nearly 3500 quiz shows across the world and is also among India’s top quizzers himself. His books, India Unlimited and Knowledge Quest, are very popular in schools across India. He has two school-going daughters. He loves to encourage students to read more, quiz more, be more confident. For his work in quizzing, he has been honoured as a REX Karmaveer Global Fellow.

Reach him at adittya@quizcraftglobal.com


Mudita Chauhan Mubayi

Co-Founder & Brandmother

Mudita is a knowledge entrepreneur with in-depth experience in media & publishing, food research & writing, innovation of quiz solutions and curation of immersive art projects. She brings to Quizcraft Global keen editorial insights, an eye for detail, and a sharp sense of aesthetics as it applies to programme curation as well as design.

Reach her at mudita@quizcraftglobal.com

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